the selfless act of skull fucking a fat troll so that your roommate can get his nob shined by her slightly more appealing friend, only to boot the troll to the curb once you have confirmation that the roommate has "sealed the deal".
by Never doing it again...EVER! August 07, 2003
Top Definition
Hot chicks always hang out in groups. There is always one she-beast in a group of hot chicks. That's the grenade. The grenade's job is to cock block for her hot friends... if the grenade ain't gettin love, the hot chicks ain't either!
Always designate a wingman to fall on the grenade!
by Da Nastee One May 07, 2004
To make a sacrifice for the good of others. Originally a military term for when a junior officer would deliberately fall to cover a grenade - the explosion from which would kill a far greater number of his side if he didn't. In particular, it would be when a junior officer would make this sacrifice for a senior one - to protect the commanding officer for the benefit (supposedly) of the army.

Its meaning has been expanded to cover things like taking the blame for a team-fuckup (eg. at work) or humpin a dawg so (as said above) your mates can get into the pretty ones.
by Richter September 25, 2003
a gent & his mates go to a mixed bar. A group of ladies flirt with them, but unfortunately one of the ladies is VERY ugly (for example, see whalefuck or sealfuck). She is "the grenade". Now, the chicks likely have a deal amongst themselves, if one isn't getting fucked, then they are all abstaining. It is the duty of one of the gents to "fall on the grenade" , that is, to fuck this dog of a coyote ugly chick
One Saturday night I fell on the grenade for my buddies and it turned out to be the hottest fuck I'd ever had. But I didn't want to ever be seen with her again.
by Jake January 20, 2004
being the "wingman"
...But she's tugging an anchor
A junior investment banker
Who's talkin' about herself and not much more
So buy her a beer
It's the reason you're here
You're taking one for the team
So you're buddy can live the dream
by uknowhoim August 07, 2003
the selfless act of working your way into the pants of a fat ugly female troll so that your buddy can get laid by her more-appealing ladyfriend; hopefully he signals his success before you have to actually consumate the deal, you don't want to be waking up in the morning with the coyote ugly troll laying in your bed
Two hotties came into the bar with their troll in tow; I decided to fall on the grenade so that Ken and Matt could get laid by the hotties. Fortunately Lucinda the Troll wanted to go slow so after I had heard the bedsprings in the other two rooms I told her I had a headache and gave her Rob's cellphone number then told her to call me 3 days hence.
by Roddy February 28, 2004
To take a hit for the team. To make a sacrifice (implication being a SUPREME one) to save your friends. By extension, to accept the inevitable.
The definitions in this thing are so farking lame, I'm going to have to fall on the grenade and post one myself.
by Nick Pitt August 05, 2003
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