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the selfless act of working your way into the pants of a fat ugly female troll so that your buddy can get laid by her more-appealing ladyfriend; hopefully he signals his success before you have to actually consumate the deal, you don't want to be waking up in the morning with the coyote ugly troll laying in your bed
Two hotties came into the bar with their troll in tow; I decided to fall on the grenade so that Ken and Matt could get laid by the hotties. Fortunately Lucinda the Troll wanted to go slow so after I had heard the bedsprings in the other two rooms I told her I had a headache and gave her Rob's cellphone number then told her to call me 3 days hence.
by Roddy February 28, 2004
Member of the HPT crew.

Admin of 306MotorClub.com

Super cool dude with lots of friends.
Yo man. Who is that cool Cat driving the 240SX?

Oh, That's Golks. i worship him.
by Roddy January 30, 2005
word used solely by people from keyworth (usually ex-navvies) who dont know any better
I'm in my wardrome and i've finished this one, gizza nuvva bockel!
by roddy January 07, 2004

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