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fucking hilarious
The movie we watched wuz so falarious
by nicci March 28, 2004
29 7
When something is so funny u combine the word "fucking and hillarious" making the word falarious
Ross "OMG the joke Matt said today was so Falarious"

Jake "IK that kid in general is Falarious"
by Eman Ekaf May 27, 2010
7 0
When you start saying funny, and end saying hilarious, you get, falarious.
funny + hilarious = falarious
Kiri came over on saturday and she slipped on a dryer sheet in my laundry room, it was FALARIOUS!
by Megan(: January 23, 2009
7 2
Falarious is a combination of two words. Fucking and Hilarious.
That movie was Falarious,
by Trista Haiku March 08, 2014
0 0
Fucking hilarious
Man, Susan's reaction to being called the lesser driver was falarious!
by Luenix June 07, 2013
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adj. used to describe humorous flatulence; particularly loud and untimely flatulence
The priest's eulogy was falarious, and a bit rank.
by Niknetz February 22, 2007
2 5
an asian pig thats funny and halarious
okay so who fried up our falarious
by billy joe carmicheal September 22, 2003
4 17