6 definitions by nicci

To try and have sex with someone.
"Are you trying to get fresh with me?"
by Nicci April 13, 2003
i got it.
OF COURSE!...yet playing it cool
sure, why not.
see yes
do you think kiki is awesome?

by nicci October 17, 2003
crapola pop music with a tacky £100 guitar playing two chords in the background of some 19 year old twat trying to imitate blink 182 but failing to do so bcos if they swear the mainstream wont want them and that would be shit cos they wouldnt get any money would they?no!
Busted -urk
by nicci March 22, 2004
An offensive name Morgan's dad used to call Derk.
Hey Morgan, hey Connie, hey Tay, hey whistle dick!
by Nicci May 21, 2004
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