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Any knock off of the popular Los Angeles based frozen yogurt chain Pinkberry.
"The bar is right across the street from that fakeberry on Sunset."
by AJ3 April 02, 2008
Any phone that was made to try to do what BlackBerries do, but fails.
Millionaire hip hop artists is backstage entertaining fans with VIP passes right after a show, and his assistant takes a HD video of them together with his Z10 / Q10.

Fan #1, attractive female blond with enhanced breasts, whips out her Apple-made mobile phone and asks if she can get a copy of the picture.

Hip Hop artist and his assistant look at each other, then at the Apple-made mobile phone, and smile condescendingly...

Hip Hop artist, in his kindest tone possible: "Sorry baby, a Fakeberry ain't got BlueTooth or NFC..."

Fan #1 fails.
by InThaKnow June 28, 2013
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