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Any knock off of the popular Los Angeles based frozen yogurt chain Pinkberry.
"The bar is right across the street from that fakeberry on Sunset."
by AJ3 April 02, 2008
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Any phone that was made to try to do what BlackBerries do, but fails.
Millionaire hip hop artists is backstage entertaining fans with VIP passes right after a show, and his assistant takes a HD video of them together with his Z10 / Q10.

Fan #1, attractive female blond with enhanced breasts, whips out her Apple-made mobile phone and asks if she can get a copy of the picture.

Hip Hop artist and his assistant look at each other, then at the Apple-made mobile phone, and smile condescendingly...

Hip Hop artist, in his kindest tone possible: "Sorry baby, a Fakeberry ain't got BlueTooth or NFC..."

Fan #1 fails.
by InThaKnow June 28, 2013
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