to hit someone in the face, and then the sound it makes is similar to the word,"fak,"
dude better quit playin, cause i'm finna fak his a** right quick...
by isaiah1 January 19, 2006
Top Definition
Variation of "fuck"; used by fobs and 12 year old AOLers.
d0od fak u bitch die!!!!1
by THE pootie. That's right. May 11, 2003
A word often used as a substitute for "fuck". Generally used as an insult.

Terms such as "fakhead" are also sometimes used, although it is believed that the original word was fakin (fak-ing) derived from a mispelling of "baking".
"OMG you absolute fak!" or
"Matt, you're such a fakhead!"
by Churkirby November 01, 2007
Acronym for First Aid Kit.
A FAK is a good thing to keep around your car and/or workplace.
by Anon_22 November 16, 2008
Used by pro CSGO players to swear on stream
Gob B: fak
Orange Caster: Keep it clean it's a family show
by BigPotato October 07, 2015
The best ever group of friends that always sticks together
Hey, george did you see that faks over there?

George:Yeah, they stick closer then glue!
by justcallmebacon March 25, 2008
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