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n. a school made of tin can walls and has its own ghetto.
a place where white people are a minority
where the principle is a leprechaun nazi
we have a record breaking number of asains
where even the teachers are druggies
and a woman with a mullet by the name of sue strikes fear into the hearts of white kids everywhere.
sue to a black kid:do you have a pass?
black kid: fuck no
sue: ok come have a smoke with me

white kid: i have a pass

--good times--
by spermantha February 25, 2005
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Asia on the east coast...consolidated into a school much too small.
Run by a Nazi.
Tons of drug trafficking.
You can learn different languages walking through the halls, which by the way are made of aluminum foil.
see Hell for more details
--: Konichiwa!
++: Ya want weed wit dat?
by fhs rebel February 10, 2005
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A "high-end" school in fairfac county, here are some interesting facts.

1. The Principle is dummer than the students.
2. Our assistant principle looks like Stalin.
3. We have fire drills while it rains.
4. Our football team went 1-11 this year, we just bought them a new field.
5. We have more drug addicts than a low-income black neiborhood.
6. Homeless people live behind our baseball field.
7. Our best sport is Cheerleading and we arent even good at that.
8. We have a 45-minute period of the day that somewhat resembles recess.
I love fairfax high school

Woodson can suck my choad.
by 1337 |-|4x0|2 November 18, 2006
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A high school in the 703 where "The Main Thing is to keep the Main Thing the Main Thing" has been replaced with "Stay classy, Fairfax" and "Good morning, young scholars".

Beware of Singhman! He aims to kill.
White people are a minority.
We HATE Langley and Woodson.
There's controversey over the lion in the commons. Good or bad luck? Pick your side!
Our colors are royal blue and white/gray, we're the rebels, and our mascot's a lion. (He now has abs, woot woot)

We constantly joke about being rebels. Well, ya knoww, we are badasssss.
Chantilly girl: Hey, cute jersey!
Fairfax High School girl: yeah, the colors work well together, right? I love the blue and white.

Chantilly girl: Woah, you didn't do your homework?

Fairfax High School girl: Yeah, I know, I'm such a rebel. Ahahaha!
by fhsrebellion February 22, 2011
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An extremely awesome school in Fairfax VA. We got the best music program in the state, no one can beat us!

Also, our school is full of asians! :D! i mean really full of asians. In fact, if you ever think about learning korean, all you gotta do is stroll down a hallway and you know it!

Main rival school is Woodson high.
Person 1: i go to woodson. it's no fun, and there aren't many asians :(

person 2: well then come on down to fairfax high school!

person 1: ok! yay!
by hoagly December 25, 2010
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The only High School where:
The Main Thing is to Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing.
Only the students who go to FHS can ever understand that.

Fairfax High School is home to the Rebels, who have extreme pride in their school.
FHS is also where the Principal may actually be cooler than the whole school combined.

Pretty much an even mix of all races, and social classes. You either have money, or you don't. That's just how it goes.

The FHS music dept. is the Best in the county, because they're just so amazing (and Blue Ribbon).

"One: We are the Rebels. Two: A little bit louder. Three: I still can't hear you. Four: more More MORE!"

Person One: Where do you go?
Person Two: I go to Woodson. My life sucks. I wish I went to Fairfax
Person One: Yes, because Fairfax High School is the BEST!
by REBELSax09 March 31, 2009
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Hell hole that no one should be put through located in Fairfax, Virginia. Feel free to burn it down...but hurry! One of the students might beat you to it!!
30 degrees outside and some idiot pulls the fire alarm...
by Merve (Ex-Student) May 07, 2005
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