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A high school in the 703 where "The Main Thing is to keep the Main Thing the Main Thing" has been replaced with "Stay classy, Fairfax" and "Good morning, young scholars".

Beware of Singhman! He aims to kill.
White people are a minority.
We HATE Langley and Woodson.
There's controversey over the lion in the commons. Good or bad luck? Pick your side!
Our colors are royal blue and white/gray, we're the rebels, and our mascot's a lion. (He now has abs, woot woot)

We constantly joke about being rebels. Well, ya knoww, we are badasssss.
Chantilly girl: Hey, cute jersey!
Fairfax High School girl: yeah, the colors work well together, right? I love the blue and white.

Chantilly girl: Woah, you didn't do your homework?

Fairfax High School girl: Yeah, I know, I'm such a rebel. Ahahaha!
by fhsrebellion February 22, 2011

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