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The image of a whale being carried by a number of birds that appears when the Twitter website is overloaded or has failed. Failwhale appears to now have his/her own fanclub.

Word origin: from fail + whale (probably for rhyming purposes).
Sad that Twitter had failed just when he needed it most, he was somewhat consoled by the appearance of his beloved Failwhale.
by NenyaQuende June 15, 2008
The logo of the microblogging service Twitter, displayed prominently on its error page signifying server overload. Fail Whale is a common occurrence.
I wanted to submit twits for this day, but all I got was a Fail Whale.
by TweenkPL April 07, 2009
A twits nightmare.
Randy: " oh God please Dear god no.."
*fail whale"
Randy: "* bangs head on keyboard* My life is over"
Me: " you okay?"
by Sully:) May 16, 2009
a giant whale which appears at times of epic fail.
'Crap, I tried to jump the step but landed on my face instead'
'Jack, you just summoned the fail whale'
by Benjy-x June 28, 2009
A annoying blue whale that turns up on the homescreen when popular social networking site Twitter goes overcapacity.
It is depicted as being carried by a flock of blue birds (the Twitter "mascots") to show that the load taken by the microblogging site is to huge to be processed.

In my opinion, it's plain irritating.
If Twitter goes overcapacity again, Imma throw that damn #Failwhale into the oilspill
by iHEARTShiaLaBeouf June 15, 2010
Extreme fail, usually said after something you strongly disapprove of.
I was so pumped to go to the party on Saturday, but Heather wasn't even there. Fail whale!
by Scalcar June 06, 2009
You start to do an awkward turtle but instead of using your thumbs, you accidentally use your pinky fingers. This is a social fail and so to save embarrassment you pull your hands back in with both your thumbs and pinky fingers clenched in. This is the Fail Whale.
Sophia: OMG Rhys! You know Siobhan?
Rhys: Yeah she's a total social hand grenade.
Sophia: I know right? Well she just did a massive Fail Whale and everyone decided to throw her into the ocean. How ironic!
Rhys: Alanis Morissette butchered that word. Never speak of it again.
by RamboThunder January 30, 2012
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