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The act of giving a blowjob so poorly that the male is caused to masturbate himself to completion.
Guy #1: Dude that chick was smokin, did you fuck her?
Guy #2: Yeah, but only after she gave me failatio!
by jtf81 October 14, 2009
Portmanteau of fellatio + fail.
A failed attempt to suck your own tallywhacker.
The cunt-starved gentleman was so desperate for a blowjob that he decided to commit fellatio upon himself. But he couldn't.
"Argh, failatio!"
by MEFF February 13, 2009
When the recipient of a well-meaning blow job gets bored, falls asleep, starts texting, changes sexual orientations, etc.
1: I was getting head from this girl, and she was trying her best, but I still ended up editing Wikipedia entries instead of finishing. Utter failatio.
by igroove December 27, 2011
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