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a derogatory term describing a homosexual. Someone with extreme homosexual tendencies.
I swear, that Sean fellow is such a fagweed, I caught him masturbating to the "Teletubbies" when I got home from work
by hexxers_da_molester January 21, 2009
When someone, while playing halo 2, constantly uses double needlers to ninja-rob kills. Also, fagweed could be used when some makes a cheap kill on you or you want them off your team.
"get off the team fagweed"
"you're such a fagweed"
by fagweedhalo2 May 01, 2007
a gay fag in a sesion
Ryan your a fagweed, Andrew u fagweed.
by Anonymous January 31, 2003
someone pathetic who puts his head up someone elses ass alot
james wake
by Daniel April 28, 2003
A faggot who smokes weed!!!!!!!!!!!
George bush ids a fag weed!!!
by superjew12377 November 16, 2007
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