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A very flagrantly gay person.
My fagotron RC gave Kevin a handjob.
by Jack May 06, 2003
n.- Carnival ride a lot like the "gravitron" but more gay.
"I rode the fagotron! Fabulous!"
by theDefiner December 03, 2004
Portmanteau (compound word) - An electronic cigarette (or in British slang; fag) or similar device used for the inhalation of nicotine without burning tobacco. can be used for smoking indoors or in bars where smoking regular cigarettes is prohibited
where's my bastard fagotron?

excuse me sir, you can't smoke in here.... i'm not smoking its one of those new electronic cigarettes..... ah yes, a fagotron.
by sholtiferus January 22, 2012
term used to describe the Leo's sexual orientation; btw, I dont know a Leo, but perhaps you do.
Dont take that out Leo, fucking fagotron.
by Titus May 01, 2003

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