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1.n.- a party or gathering of people, with the express purpose of having sex with various partners. Syn.- orgy

2.n.- A party or gathering of people where no sex will actually occur, but called a "fuckfest" for the express purpose of making other people believe or think of an orgy.
1. "The bear had an idea: Fuckfest!"

2. "Dude, bring over some hotdogs and a case of root beer, because this is going to be the coolest fuckfest ever!"
by theDefiner December 03, 2004
The ability to notice and disregard other people's bullshit
"I was listening to the conversation, but when my bullshit filter kicked in, I heard only every other word.
by theDefiner December 03, 2004
n.- the hip or in crowd; being involved in said crowd or group. Opposite of the homo boat. Usually used in comparison with the homo boat.
"DUDE! Don't you wish you were in the party boat?"
by theDefiner December 03, 2004
n. The crowd or group that is considered less than cool. Not neccessarily a relation to actual homosexuals, though it can certainly be so.
Ant. - Party Boat
"I can't believe I got stuck in the homo boat."
by theDefiner December 03, 2004
n.- a raucous event in a mini-van. This usually consists of loud music, people being generally rowdy, and the driver trying to keep the vehicle on the road.

v.- to party in a mini van.
"Dude, get in. Van Party!"
by theDefiner December 03, 2004
n.- Carnival ride a lot like the "gravitron" but more gay.
"I rode the fagotron! Fabulous!"
by theDefiner December 03, 2004
n.- a person who conciously tries to irritate others; one who finds humor in annoying other people.
"I understand your mother never gave you attention as a child, Billy, but you're being a real ass-jerk.
by theDefiner December 03, 2004

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