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a descriptive word used to describe someone you don't know who acts, looks, sounds, etc. gay.
Theres a sense of faggotism in the way that fool dresses.

Theres faggotism in the that dude talks.
by Buster April 11, 2005
Relating to homosexual or feminine aspects. Better when said in a single word sentence as a response to a hearing about feminine characteristic.
"Jerry got a new hairstyle that's long and pink. That sounds like faggotism to me."

Jim: "John wears lipstick."
Bob: "(While shaking his head)Faggotism."
by Jokeezie April 11, 2008
Being a faggot against your own knowledge but not against everyone else's knowledge.
Concerned citizen #1: whats wrong with Ian?
Concerned citizen #2: he suffers from faggotism
Concerned citizen #1: Oh, thats terrible!
Concerned citizen #2: yea, for him.
by Butkus November 28, 2006
A unique collection of people from Hamburg Pennsylvania, which is also extended to Kempton Pennsylvania, who associate with one other, but continually talk shit, fuck each others girl friends or just be complete faggots all together. They may even have the nerve to say they all hate each other but in reality they are a bunch of butt loving, sissy ass, faggots. Not to be confused with the gay community who withhold a higher archy in life then said faggotism's.
You can tell the group of faggotism's by their friend associations
by lwedist June 17, 2014
Makin sumthin gay, destroying of a classic, or makin a gangsta into a pussy, or takin the hip hop industry down the drain!
'Too much faggotism goin today'
by ANTI-FAGGOT February 18, 2005

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