Faggettes are feminine, pretty girls, usually straight, who lez out with other chicks for male's attention. They're seen kissing each other in video clips, clubs and fucking each other in porn, just to make a guy horny - That's their purpose.

Some don't have to go gay - Those that say "we're women, so we're so pretty", with their big hair and lipstick, are also faggettes. They just love to be in the center of male's attention and think that they're God's gift to them.

It is NOT to be confused with 'dyke', which is for a masculine lesbian.

Why faggette and not dyke? Straight females who fuck around with other chicks are feminine, pretty and well gay (like an effeminate gay man) - thus the word 'faggette' will perfectly describe them, rather than dyke.
Most beautiful models are faggettes.

Rihanna, Kesha, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry are epic faggettes.

Rihanna paid for female strippers. Katy Perry is always around half naked women. Kesha and Gaga never stop kissing women in their clips.
by avialae March 17, 2013
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A synonym for lesbian, combining the word faggot with the feminine suffix -ette.
She doesn't want on your hoag! She's a faggette!
by Geesta October 24, 2004
A Female Faggot or Lesbian
"ur a faggott"
"so? ur a faggette!"
by Anonymous October 13, 2003
A girl faggot. A stupid annoying bitch.
Oh my god that girl is such a faggette!


She's a bitch and won't leave me alone.
by Whosyounc February 11, 2010
A fag biatch who thinks it hott n shiet but ugleeeeeeeee.
Faggette is ugleeeee n fat.Stank like coochie lard toooo~.
by iCfagsGalore May 23, 2008

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