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Another way of saying, X-Box. However, in a more negative way.
"What's tommy playing?" "Fagbox I think?" "lol what a fag."
by [M]agus September 24, 2005
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1) A cardboard box with "FAG" written on every side, inside and out.

2) A generic douchebag.

3) John Bronk.

4) Anyone you don't like.
Person A: What's up?

Person B: Nothin, Fagbox.
by Xyro December 06, 2006
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An overweight person you dislike very much.
Jim: "Dude Big E is such a pimp"
Dave: "What the hell? Big E is such a fatass fagbox, god I hate him."
by 'Tomer July 08, 2005
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someone who is more than a fag like they are REALLY faggyy
nikki is a fag-box because she got teabaged by jason nord-chos.
by Jonathans May 17, 2006
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