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Something that is so funny, it's lolarious. Comes from the words LOL and Hillarious.
I just had the most lolarious night
by [M]agus January 01, 2006
To be totally destroyed, humiliated/embarrassed in a sporting or gaming event.
Joe: Did you see the Leafs game last night
James: Yeah, the Sens womped them 7-0!

Michael: I just womped Dan in a game of Hockey, he sucks.
by [M]agus January 23, 2006
Another way of saying, X-Box. However, in a more negative way.
"What's tommy playing?" "Fagbox I think?" "lol what a fag."
by [M]agus September 24, 2005
Simply another way of saying, Delete. However, a more geeky way if anything.
I hate this song, I think I'm going to deblete it..
by [M]agus January 31, 2006
A way of saying cannabis and the act of smoking up.
"Let's do some puff puff"

"I just did some puff puff"

"Smoking puff puff and then eating a whole chocolate cake to yourself is a bad idea" (Actual quote)
by [M]agus September 22, 2005
Another name for Mario Lemieux. Unfortunently he's been injured for the past decade or so, so he only plays a dozen or so games a year and then takes the rest of the year off. Hopefully Sidney Crosby can rejuvenate him. Is the only player owner in the NHL, as he owns the Pitsburgh Penguins.
"Super Mario is my favourite hockey player"
by [M]agus September 24, 2005
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