Top Definition
Acting excessively whiny.

Being overly theatrical.

Acting like a fem Homosexual
If you dont quit your fagatronics Im gonna smack you
by DB January 13, 2005
A combination of "fag" and "histrionics"
Jim's fagatronics made him a very annoying person to hang out with
by gigi January 15, 2005
A term to describe someone who is inclined to behave in a gay manner, concerning electronic products.
Retail employees are use to dealing with fagatronic people all day long.

#fag-a-tron #fagatious #fagasaurus #fagapotamus #fagaroo
by Steve & Sarah November 14, 2007
Electronics that are usually used by homosexuals. Most homosexuals use fagatronics, and most people who use fagatronics are homosexuals.
Look at that guy sitting in starbucks with his ipod and mac powerbook while talking on his iphone! Doesn't he look trendy with all those fagatronics?
#apple #iphone #ibook #starbucks #ipod
by Metrosexy September 25, 2007
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