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Best fucking porn site. Period.
Guy1: Dude you gotta chaeck out dump.com, its the fukcing best!

Guy2- I'd rather not, it sounds goddamn disgusting.

next day

Guy2- Dude...

Guy1: What?

Guy2- I fucking love you.
by Cardboard_RocknRolla March 27, 2009
A myth of an extreme sexual act. There are two ways of doing this. First way is simple- after enough arousal, a man will ejaculate on a woman while squeezing his ball sack at the same time. The second method is to have yet been proven possible- while a woman is on her period during intercourse, a man will penetrate her vagina and squeeze his ball sack, his penis will suck up blood, and the man will then take out his penis and squeeze his ball sack once more, thus basting his female partner's face.
After countless hours of drunken monkey sex, I pulled out and she received a turkey basting from me.
by Cardboard_RocknRolla January 28, 2009
A whack ass ride. Vehicle that, if transformed into an Autobot/Decpticon, would resemble a very homosexual piece of machinery.
Ben's motor scooter is a fagatron, it seriously tried to hump my Acura just a couple minutes ago.
by Cardboard_RocknRolla May 06, 2009

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