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1) One who is not highly viewed upon by one's peers;
2)Term of contempt and/or disbelief of an action.

Not to be confused with 'fag' or faggot'
Susie: I dislike that Wes H..
Johnny: I must concur. That kid is such a fagamuffin.
by jack_hendley November 22, 2003
A small child or pre-teen showing signs of being a complete fagot!
I love my son, but he acted like such a fag-a-muffin when he lost the spelling bee Johnsons little fag-a-muffin son!
by J.P Johnson January 27, 2011
Noun. A disparaging term used to describe ex-boyfriends. Females are generally known to refer to their exes as "fags". Well, gay men are also generally known to have great taste. therefore, it can be expected that they would NOT want some girl's jerk of an ex-boyfriend. therefore, they are fagamuffins.
roses are red, violets are blue,
fagamuffin is chu (you).
by Yve September 25, 2004
to be a little fag turd because muffins look like turd
stop being a fagamuffin u stupid asshole
by bloogy bloogy bloo bloo blah January 24, 2005

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