a woman who finds friendship in a gay man or gay men.
My girl Heather D. has got to be the best fag hag in the whole wide world.

Grace from Will and Grace is a role model to any young women out there hoping to be a fag hag.
by ANDREW the GREAT :) May 26, 2006
A gay man's best friend. Girl that is openly supportive of their gay friend.
The girl that goes to prom with their gay best friend. The fag hag went to prom with her gay best friend.
by Dark Moon Princess October 11, 2007
A very sensitive and caring woman who accepts the emontions expressed by a gay man as sincere and not loaded with a sexual adgenda.
Doris Day and Rock Hudson
by Michael June 15, 2004
one that is best friends, usually the best friend is a female, to a male gay person.
Derik and his fag hag went out to the club last night.
by jellmo January 02, 2008
an older, less attractive (or not attractive at all) childless lesbian
her myspace says she wants to meet a woman and settle down and have kids, like anyone would mate with such a fag hag
by cheaptrickrick December 07, 2009
A fat, heterosexual woman who constantly hangs out, sometimes sleeps with her gay male friends.
Often the fat female was an outsider anyway to her own straight culture because of her fatness. Unable to get many men in the straight world she befriends the ultimate cute boy. He is stylish, funny, fun and sometimes clever and a hell of a partier. They spend all their time together going to bars and late at night when neither has been chosen by others they go home together after the bar closes and have sex. Some faghags have died from AIDS because of this. While "faghag" ryhmes we should not forget the word hag means ugly. Originally the faghag was not so attractive. Maybe now in 2008 the meaning of faghag may include an stunningly, attractive woman hanging out with a gay man but back in the 1980's it was not so.
The fag hag had so much fun with her friend Derek that she sometimes forgot she was unpopular in the regular, straight world.
by LauraZero February 11, 2008
A fag hag is a woman who enjoys hanging out with gay men.

FROM www.subversiveminds.com/gear/faghag.htm
Julie is a fag hag, she just loves hanging out with John and Steve.
by Reggie23 June 03, 2006
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