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Also know as the the raindow flag, often used by homosexuals.
In action: *Homosexual waves rainbow flag*

Homophobe: Quit waving your fag flag!
Any indicator of faggotry, aka homosexuality, a play on the phrase 'red flag,' and used similarly.
That dude was going on and on about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, serious fag flag right there.
by ANM88 October 16, 2009
The rainbow gay pride flag
Alex: "Did you see the fagflag on that house back there?"
Taylor: "Yeah, it was so pretty"
Alex: "....."
by yelsom8 March 14, 2008
A scarf worn by an otherwise straight man that makes him look gay.
That dude is wearing a fag flag!
by Altivec August 19, 2010
1. The mental warning (red flag) you get when detecting a homosexual vibe upon first meeting someone

2. The traditional rainbow-colored flag representative of the gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered community.
(1) Guy #1:"Dude, when I first met Dave, I saw an immediate Fag Flag."

Guy #2: "Totally, he was just radiating gayness."

(2) Dave: "Oh yeah, let's go there, there's a Fag Flag in the window, I bet we can meet hotties there!"
by phroot March 04, 2009
When someone waves their hands (the "flags") by rotating about their wrists while talking, which makes them seem gay.

Coined by Mark of on December 17, 2006.
Peter: (while waving his hands about his wrists a bit too much) So I was concerned about how well I was doing in the class, so I went up to the professor afterwards...
Mark: Yo...Pete...put away the fag flags.
by Mark Ahrens January 02, 2007
I can't believe you just did that, being lame, being gay as in stupid or dumb, doesn't make since, mostly used as a insult to someone that did something you don't like.
Austin did you really just say yeah dog? Oh wow fag flag.
by Barbiegirl_kfm February 04, 2014
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