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1. (n) A person that is used for sexual purposes and is known for simply being a receptacle for semen.

A "Cum Dumpster" may either enjoy this behavior or may be too stupid to understand that they are being used for this purpose (see: cum-dumbster). This behavior may coincide with those of a slut/skank/slore/skeeze/whore.

Alternate spellings include "cum-dumpster", "cumdumpster", and "Bobbi Starr"
Guy #1: "Holy shit, last night Angie gave damn near everyone at the party blowjobs. I think every guy there wound up blowing his load in her mouth."

Guy #2: "Christ, what a Cum Dumpster."
by phroot August 21, 2008
1. (n) Leader of the Autobots, the protagonist of the Transformers universe. Originally transformed into a red cab-over semi-truck, his form has evolved through the various iterations of the Transformers universe (see Optimus Primal).

He is known for his strong leadership and courage and would easily sacrifice himself for the safety of others. His selfless personality is one of many traits that made him a great leader. Optimus Prime could be easily described as a "reluctant warrior", in that he only engages in war when absolutely necessary. It is possible this attitude prolonged the Autobot/Decepticon war.

He and Megatron (or his numerous iterations) have always shared a mutual respect for each other, and have opposed each other in nearly every depiction of the Transformers universe.

In the 1986 Transformers animated film, Optimus Prime was killed after a fierce battle with Megatron, but his character returned several times during the series.

Optimus Prime was the most liked character among young viewers of the original series, although his toy was not the highest selling (original release, excludes all others).
Optimus: "One shall stand.., One shall fall."

Megatron: "Why throw away your life so recklessly?"

Optimus Prime: That's a question you should ask yourself, Megatron.."
by phroot August 21, 2008
1. (n) One who exhibits slut- or whore-like qualities, but is known to be more filthy, dirty, and of lower moral standards than the average slut.

"Skeeze" was formed by combination of the words "skank" and "sleeze", and can be used in an adjective form, i.e. "skeezy" or "skeeze-like". Generally "skeeze" implies qualities that are lower than those of a skank, sleeze, slut, or whore.

See also: skank, sleeze/sleaze
Guy #1: "Jesus.. look at that girl.. is that a skirt or a belt? I can't tell.."
Guy #2: "Stay away from that man.. I've heard that she has more crabs than Red Lobster, and that she let some guy piss in her mouth for $5."
Guy #1: "Holy shit.., what a skeeze..."
by phroot August 21, 2008
The designated space between two males when sitting on a couch/bench/etc. Males should sit as far as possible/practical. The name is derived from the very first thing you say when somebody violates said space: "DUDE!.....WTF are you doing!?"

Only temporary violations of Dude Space are allowed, i.e., Dude #1 is busy talking to a chick, so Dude #2 reaches over his leg to grab the Doritos.

On a couch that seats three people, properly alloted Dude Space would require both dudes to sit with the middle seat unoccupied.
Dude #1: "Hey man, Let's play some Rainbow Six: Vegas."
Dude #2: "Sure, hand me a controller."
Dude #1: "Dude...what the hell are you doing?"
Dude #2: "Playing RS:V....why?"
Dude #1: "Scoot over...you're violating my dude space."
by phroot March 18, 2008
1. (Noun) LaPorte is a shithole located in the state of Indiana. It is located at 41°36′33″N, 86°43′3″W.
2. (Adjective) LaPorte can be used to describe a horrible, uninhabitable, place.

"La Porte" is French for "The Door", in this case, the door to Hell.
1. "Dude, I just left LaPorte, IN. Thank God I got out before I turned 21, or I would have been trapped there forever."

2. "Jesus Christ! This place is a mess! What a LaPorte..."
by phroot August 17, 2008
1. (n) A person who will sleep with nearly anyone (sometimes regardless of gender) for financial gain.

The adjective form of "Whore" would be "Whore-like" or "Whore-ish", and can be used to describle style of dress or behaviors that would correspond with a whore.

"Whore" is most often used when referring to a female who exhibits said characteristics. When in reference to males, the term "Man-Whore" is often used.

See also: slut
Guy: "Hey, how much for a blowjob?"

Whore: "$50 bucks."

Guy: "Sounds good", *ziiip* "Get to work."
by phroot August 21, 2008
1. Intelligent people who hate Emo Kids, and everything else pertaining to the Emo "lifestyle". Emo Haters do not hate people that show emotions or feelings. Emo Haters hate Emo Kids exclusively.
Guy #1: "Man, look at that Emo faggot."
Guy #2: "Are you an Emo Hater?"
Guy #1: "Yeah, I am. That Emo kid thinks that displaying the Emo 'label' will make up for his lack of personality and social ineptitude."
by phroot August 21, 2008

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