Metallica's best song along with "one"
fade to black is one of the most depressing songs i ever heard
by JeVoNeR September 14, 2003
one of the greatest metallica songs ever!!!
"life it seems, will fade away
drifting further every day...."
by phred October 28, 2004
One of the best song of all time.
OmFG this guy killed himself because of the song "Fade to Black"!
by Hugo December 20, 2004
A classic way to end a scene in cinema editing in which the screen image becomes increasingly obscured until it turns black. It has the advantage of being less abrupt than a simple cut.
The scene where it fades to black while they're kissing - you know what happened next!
by Hereward August 29, 2003
In live theatre, where all the lights are dimmed to a complete blackout
Standby, fade to black
by Keenmachine September 08, 2003
To enter a secretive method of operation or service or organization.
...after his service in the military, his records fade to black...
by Secret squirrel February 26, 2013
When a girl gets black'd out after unknowingly ingesting rufilin (rufies). (see black'd out)
Jenny was slipped a rufy which resulted in a fade to black situation. Damn!! She got black'd the fuck out!
by b'out son January 27, 2010
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