The end of something
by Anonymous September 01, 2003
a scene in a movie when the screen dim's too a point where the projected image is black
after a heart-felt discussion, the screen faded to black
by pony cupholders August 30, 2003
A song by Alexz Johnson (Jude Harrison, from Instant Star), on the second soundtrack cd to the tv show Instant Star.
"Every thing you are
Every thing you remind me of
Every thing you are
Fades to black
Every time I see your face
Screaming the secrets we share
Oh wo oh oh
we Fade to black"
by Jessiie-Marie May 30, 2006
The slow transition when you realize that you just got "KNOCKED THE F&CK OUT!!!!"
by D. Ferrel September 25, 2003
When you slowly pass out from lack of oxygen to the brain.
As i fell alseep all i saw faded to black.
by konrad August 29, 2003
sv_fadetoblack 1
by Michael September 04, 2003
A command in counter-strike.The players screen goes black after he dies
Hey put fade to black on he can see what i am doing
by Raff August 31, 2003

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