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Corporate theives who get 10% of any artist's salary for "breakage"- a term that was once defined as records that would break (cars stolen, crashed etc) but now exists only in theory as cds dont break when a driver goes over a pot hole.
Major labels suck.
by qupert November 04, 2003
Very high
That dank got me FIZZZ NADED
by qupert November 04, 2003
Pleasant trip; higher than the realm of reality and speech. Also used as an explative and catch all for words that escape you while high.
1. Damn, that fucked up my fade. 2. what the fade was that fade, faded up my shit dude
by qupert November 04, 2003
Derived from krizpy, rizz is the state of being completely baked.
Hope I didn't rizz your roy shmoigo doy.
by qupert November 04, 2003
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