A polite term for a slice in golf.
Thats my power fade baby!
by bo's August 07, 2005
slowly stop calling, talking to, interacting with a girl in order to purposley lose contact with her
Bobby: dude what happened to Alexa?

Jimmy Bean: I faded her so fast
by pdogs March 24, 2005
to make something else pale in comparison, especially where competition is involved
Her drawing is way better than yours. She totally faded you.
by Ruby Zib November 17, 2004
Pleasant trip; higher than the realm of reality and speech. Also used as an explative and catch all for words that escape you while high.
1. Damn, that fucked up my fade. 2. what the fade was that fade, faded up my shit dude
by qupert November 04, 2003
paying money to the guy with the weed so you can smoke with him
"aye my nigga rick you got fade on this?"

"fasho my nigga, i got 4 on that shit"
by peter February 19, 2005
In the dirty south a "fade" is a brother strickly dates white broads.
Yo, that brothers faded
by blaquebeard January 05, 2005
a person that wants to buy drugs
"a i'm over here takin all these people fade"
by mello December 11, 2003
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