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fucking in a strange place and/or position.
They were facking all night long
by meme December 06, 2003
A replacement for the word 'fucking' used in on the internet and in chatrooms, usually to avoid trouble from an admin or moderator.
You are such a facking moron
by goldkear November 11, 2005
1. When a group of people in a niche culture only discuss the aspects of said culture in a way that is inaccessible to all others.

2. Geeking out over something no one else understands.
"Those kids are facking over there complaining about their oboes cracking in the cold, snowy, weather."

"You silly kids are facking all over your video games!"
by püpslüt August 15, 2013
Like the word "fucking" except with an A instead of a U. Used to exaggerate a feeling or emotion. Invented by Laura Sides but stolen by Ryan Pate.
I can't FACKING believe Ryan Pate is such a plagiarizer.
by Sidesofbacon November 12, 2014
v. to yak, while fucking.
I raised my Yakarma Score 30 points while I was facking last night.
by swalmzzzzz April 15, 2014
Facking(fak-ing)(Verb)-A verb to describe the action of one person fake hacking usual done to impress friends or women usually done by making a simple html page that looks like a hacked page that you would normally see at a real hacked web site then typing in the website you want "hacked" in the address bar then taking a screen shot and then sending the screen shot to friends
"God,Dave is such a tool,he`s always Facking to impress chicks"
by Joshua Carey May 25, 2008
Facking is the 'art' of fake hacking someone's Facebook/Twitter/... account. In this process the user has just left his account logged in or given the password to the 'Facker'.
Sidney is facking Jake's Facebook account and while doing so left a Facebook comment on his wall saying: 'xoxoxo hakd by Sidney lul luvyu'.
by Bayayman May 02, 2012
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