The wrong way to spell FASCIST, you big dummy.
duhh what was it again?
by joram Krol May 20, 2005
Top Definition
A subculture of racism, instead of classifying people by race, the facist judges people by how attractive he/she finds the face of other people. It is not to be confused with "fascist" which is extreme idiotic loyalty to an imaginary state which may or may not exist.
A: Dude, that guy is really cool.

B: No, i don't like how he looks, he must be dumb.

A: B, you are so facist.
by Adam Xiao July 02, 2007
a word describing that which prejudices against the sexily challenged, not to be confused with the similarly spelled "fascist"
Person #1: They don't matter; they're ugly.

Person #2: That's facist!
by Lizard01 July 21, 2012
Facist (not fascist) is a part of "Facist Fashion" which declare that certain art, music, fashion and culture cannot be explained by the logic and common sense of human thoughts, but need to be observed and accepted the way it is, in reality, an irrational and uninhibited nature of what is real. In short, Facist is the part of the arts which math and logic can never express.
The scientific community rarely understand Facist Fashion due to the need to rationalize everything it sees.
by Dat David October 23, 2008
a person who has a bias against facebook and people who use it. this bias can either be rational or irrational.
"Did you see John's relationship status changed last night? I can't believe they broke up!"

"No, I don't have a facebook..."

"Oh, I didn't realize you were a facist!"

or in the pejorative:

"Sally looks down on all your silly social networking, she thinks it is an ingenuine, artificial way to connect with others as well as a collosal waste of time...She is a true facist!"
by SadieMazie April 14, 2009
One with a terribly delusional sense of his or her own beauty, importantce, or charisma.
That no-talent facist thinks more than just his mom is coming to his birthday party. Ummmm, delusional.
by idmf465 August 15, 2006
one who is in love with the face
his nose, his eyes, his ears..ooohhh im a facist!!!
by gay May 12, 2003
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