A person lacking the facial characteristics of a decent to good-looking to handsome/beautiful person such as a Danny.
See examples above for further details.
Hey Noah, Paul's girl is pretty much facially challenged, think we should tell him?
by thePatsy August 19, 2008
Top Definition
An ugly or unfortunate looking person; especially in the face.
Poor girl is so facially challenged, she'll be a virgin for life.
by Red Riding Hood April 07, 2006
the politically correct way to describe someone with a face like a warthog
I met a girl from the lonely hearts column last week, no wonder she was in there she was so facially challenged!
by BigBadBurny March 05, 2009
Ugly. Can also mean non-photogenic.
I know that's a bad picture of me. They're all bad - I'm facially challenged.
by Mummanummamah April 08, 2010
really unattractive or ugly. its a nicer way of saying you will never be pretty.
"shes not very attractive"
"yeah i know she's facially challenged"
by celina88 November 05, 2009
Brute ugly, minger, gimp like munter
'He's so facially challenged he must be a Celtic Supporter.'
by Johnny.Mc September 20, 2007
when you want to call somebody ugly but you don't want them to feel as bad.
me: Jody why are you so facially challenged

Jody: I dont know well at least its better than being called ugly
by eater4life April 15, 2016
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