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A person lacking the facial characteristics of a decent to good-looking to handsome/beautiful person such as a Danny.
See examples above for further details.
Hey Noah, Paul's girl is pretty much facially challenged, think we should tell him?
by thePatsy August 19, 2008
3 7
the politically correct way to describe someone with a face like a warthog
I met a girl from the lonely hearts column last week, no wonder she was in there she was so facially challenged!
by BigBadBurny March 05, 2009
35 9
An ugly or unfortunate looking person; especially in the face.
Poor girl is so facially challenged, she'll be a virgin for life.
by Red Riding Hood April 07, 2006
41 15
Ugly. Can also mean non-photogenic.
I know that's a bad picture of me. They're all bad - I'm facially challenged.
by Mummanummamah April 08, 2010
1 1
really unattractive or ugly. its a nicer way of saying you will never be pretty.
"shes not very attractive"
"yeah i know she's facially challenged"
by celina88 November 05, 2009
2 4
Brute ugly, minger, gimp like munter
'He's so facially challenged he must be a Celtic Supporter.'
by Johnny.Mc September 20, 2007
4 6