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Body from baywatch, face from crimewatch...

a way to describe girls/guys with stunning bodies and hideous faces, normally the type you go for when your drunk but wouldnt touch with a barge-pole otherwise
I didnt notice the size of her nose last night, she had a BFBFFC!!
#body #crimewatch #baywatch #face #touch #barge-pole
by BigBadBurny February 14, 2009
the politically correct way to describe someone with a face like a warthog
I met a girl from the lonely hearts column last week, no wonder she was in there she was so facially challenged!
#warthog #face #challenge #bfbffc #ugly
by BigBadBurny March 05, 2009
typically a university student, who refuses to settle for the supermarket value noodles and only eat the more expensive and 'better quality' varieties, desspite there being little or no difference between both products.
Dude what sort of noodles ya cookin'?

Mild Curry flavour, bachelor's of course!

Oh your such a noodle snob!

#student #university #snob #curry #value
by BigBadBurny March 05, 2009
to be in a state of near orgasmic pleasure for a long time, i.e hours
my girlfriend's so hot! just being near her gives me an hourgasm
#orgasm #hour #pleasure #sex #sexy
by BigBadBurny April 17, 2009
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