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Used in Chile and Argentina
"Fachos culiao's mueranse!" would be "Fucking fascists die!"
by CGuzman February 10, 2014
A musty version of fusho. Usually used by mexicans. Originated from Mayan destiny.


A hazardous yellow berry.
Drunk friend dips his balls in sweet cream and embarrasses himself at the party.

You, his best friend, nod your head and whisper to yourself, "Facho"
by Facho May 14, 2015
The female form of macho; descriptive of a confident, assertive, sometimes brash urban woman.
Remember that chick? Five years ago she was quiet and shy, but now she's really facho!
by R.A.L. August 31, 2006
opposite of macho, having gay-like mannerisms
"Drinking a beer with a straw is very facho."
by Nostraw July 29, 2008

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