(adj) When someone's face can be seen everywhere. It could be used to describe someone popular, but it is mostly used to describe someone who seems to be here, there, and everywhere at the same time. Facey people are always making appearances virtually everywhere.
Hey Christy, I saw Danielle at Cliff's party last night, then on campus before class, and later on the way home from work. Man, she is so facey.
by Angela Marisol September 23, 2013
Top Definition
adj. These people have beautiful or handsome faces, and attract the opposite or same gender by having some of all of the listed: gorgeous smiles, pretty eyes, full lips, nice skin, and stunning bone structure. Don't necessarily have hot bodies, but don't really need them.
"Hey, did you see that guy who danced up on you?"
"Nope, was he hot?"
"He was a real facey".
by itsahoosierthing February 14, 2011
(n.) pretty, having a nice face, good looking.
That girl is facey.
by Jerrrivera March 21, 2010
Being friends on Facebook. Of or relating to the existence of being friends on the social networking site Facebook.
I am now facey's with my best friend's girlfriend.
by Maxx05 September 26, 2010
Slang term for "facebook".
I chatted on facey for hours last night,

Did you upload them photos on facey then,

Guess who want to be my friend on facey,
by petersastar May 01, 2009
Facey is confident person. He is the face of all face's.M He is often known for playing pranks & being loud. He is a good person. Facey is tattooed good looking and sexy. He makes people smile. He is a protective, thoughtful & a very loyal person.
"He is so cool. He is definitely Facey"

"mmmm facey"
by McTavish Clan December 26, 2011
to show attitude particularly through facial expressions.
"Don't be gettin' facey with me boy!"
by Lala VoVo June 12, 2009
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