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When you become so shitfaced that you trip and fall on your face on an abrasive surface (asphalt, gravel, or grassy hills seem to work rather well) causing a scrape that will definitely leave a scab.
Bob: Dude, what happened to your face?

Dave: I facewalked after the party last night when i was walking down the hill.

Bob: Man, were you shitfaced!
by woody23 July 10, 2005
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Dissed; verbally denigrated; trash talk; the act of disrespecting an individual using insulting language often in the presence of other people often by a trusted friend or person in a position fo authority.
Juan left the party punked after Bob's face walk made him feel completely put down.
by geezitron December 19, 2009
when a person, or persons, sleep walks over to their computer and types random, sometimes and usually awkward, statuses and messages and goes back to bed, process is normally repeated many times in one night and walker or walkers have no recollection of the experience
1. Karen face-walked so often that her friends thought she was weirder than first thought.

2. guy 1: Dude, I face-walked last night and now my girlfriend won't talk to me!

guy 2: I wonder what you typed!
by mynameisjonas365 October 14, 2009

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