A Face Plant will usually occur when someone does something incredibly stupid...

Not to be confused with: Face Plant
Person one: OMG! I forgot how to spell 'random'!

Person two: Face Palm
by YellaCottonHat October 31, 2010
A hand, face jester when one palm covers the face. It also can involve shaking your head in despair or embarrassment. usually used when seeing Cult of $cientology failed attempts to cover who the really are
Do you see the add on Urban dictionary for The Cult of $cientology? "Insert facepalm"
by bobby McPrescult April 20, 2008
The Def. for facepalm is....... an act of idiocy that result in action as your hand completely pwn your face as you realize, you just fucked up. It's mostly common when playing Smash bros brawl.
Two people playing Smash Bros Brawl Guy1: *Dies*, FacePalm Fuck (*Release FacePalm*) I forgot i had a jump left! Girl1: AHH..HA, I PWNED you.
by Say Skeet November 30, 2008
The act of one's palm coming into direct and repeated contact with one's face after doing something particularly humiliating.
Kate Richard, uh, uh, *facepalm*.
by Kate Richard September 18, 2007
An old played out meme which is overused by adolescents on several internet forums. It is an expression which is equivalent in stupidity to telling a Chuck Norris joke, and is often invoked after a person believes something another person has said or done is incredibly stupid and/or misguided.
Person #1: I hate hippies.
Person #2: *facepalm*
Person #1: I can see now that you're a total douche. Bye.
by Johnson Johnson February 19, 2008

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