A term used to describe facebook when annoyed with its' social norms, features or chat system.
James- Crap my mom just added me as a friend, dammit facepalm.

Ricardo- Oh great it's my birthday now I can wait for facepalm to send me 2397843 notifications of people saying 'happy birthday'.

by EnglishMadeDifficult July 29, 2010
When a person thinks he said or did something smart that in fact was unbelieveably stupid, and you know you cannot make him understand this or convince him otherwise, you do a facepalm in self-agony, that means you lower your head in your palm and feel bad.
Person 1: - Everybody else says it this way, so it must be true!
Person 2: - But what is the logical connection between truth and everybody saying it that way, in this last statement of yours?
Person 1: - But I am right! Ask anybody!
Person 2 does a facepalm.
by Bleekcer January 27, 2013
Sarah asked what "That's what she said" meant today. Her new name is Facepalm.
by Emma Woods March 28, 2011
The act of bringing ones palm to ones face.

Often used in response to a stupid phrase or question.

Frequently used on best friends.
n00b/nerd: I finally got to level two!

1337: *facepalm*
by borninlyoko April 15, 2010
When you are laying on your back while jerking off, but are too lazy to get up, at the same time you dont want to get cum all over yourself, this is what you do. when you are about to cum put your opposite hant over the dick hole and press hard sothe cum doesnt go anywhere besides your hands and all over your dick.
(Person 1) Dude! theres cum all over your body. What the hell happened?
(person 2) What could of I done? I couldnt get up because it felt so good.
(person 1) You dumb ass you should have face palmed that shit
by Snoober11 April 16, 2013
The thing everybody does when they listen to Enimen rap.
*Eminem starts rapping*

*Millions facepalm*
by Max Gilman March 07, 2009
The moment when a drunk/sick person no longer is able to hold it together so they put their face in their hands to stop from vomiting.
Kirby: Man Harry's not lookin too good he just went facepalm
Porter: Yea it wont be too long now before he blows
by jkirb907 December 26, 2009
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