When you're FaceTiming someone and another person jumps in and jacks some facetime.
You: Hi mom, how are you
FaceJacker: blaaahhh! you just got FaceJacked!
Mom: ?
by rinconada October 31, 2010
Top Definition
The act of breaking into someone's Facebook account and editing the profile to involve potentially embarrassing or humiliating information.
I don't actually love cock and think Hugh Grant is dreamy. I was facejacked! No, seriously!
by rock.star April 22, 2007
The action of masturbating to one's facebook pictures.
After facebook creeping on her, I totally face jacked on her photos.
by morrishall September 30, 2010
To masturbate to someone's uploaded pictures on facebook
i was so horny that i looked up emily on facebook and facejacked until 1 am
by jackoffasaurous Rex June 22, 2010
The act of hijacking a friend's Facebook wall.
The dude facejacked my wall the other day with mother jokes.
by Jack Rabbit Flats January 04, 2010
Using your friends' Facebook posts and comments to sell or promote one's own products or services. This is often in direct competition to the original poster.
Original post: "I just started a Mary Kay business! Please buy my self-tanner."

Comment: "Mary Kary is alright, but I use Avon's and it works best. Here is the link to my site..."

Original post(er): "Hey don't facejack me!"
by pattiwordsmith March 28, 2011
Verb: To comment to a Facebook post, status message, or other item in a direction unrelated or contrary to the original poster's thoughts or purpose. (By extension from blogjack; see hijack.)
She Facejacked the comments on his profile pic into a critique of his serial dating habits.

"Sorry to Facejack your post, but I *hate* that phrase!"
by jhv August 12, 2009
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