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8 definitions by UrbanLynx

v. To go on another person's social networking profile that has been left on the computer because the victim is away.
Jimmy left his Facebook on, I'm totally facejacking him!
by UrbanLynx March 17, 2010
33 4
adj. Synonym for cool, beastly, or serious.
Example 1:

Jimmy: "I just got a new car."
Mike: "That's violent!"

Example 2:

Evan: "Did you see the trailer for the new Halo game?"
Chris: "It was violent!"
by UrbanLynx March 18, 2010
40 13
n. Often used for the worst player in a league being moved from one team to the next.
"You're as useful as Anne Frank's drum kit."
by UrbanLynx March 18, 2010
44 22
"Shit my dick" is an exclamatory sentence said when you are in awe. Usually said after an "oh".
Person 1: "Casey slept with Jimmy and Devon last night.

Person 2: "Oh, shit my dick!"
by UrbanLynx March 17, 2010
35 15
Pornography for comic nerds.
One part in Watchmen has a girl getting gang-banged by a bunch of blue dongs.
by UrbanLynx March 19, 2010
53 36
The reason I'm still a virgin.
In World of Warcraft, I'm a level 70 Paladin.
by UrbanLynx March 18, 2010
24 8
Suck on my dick. S-on-my-D.
"Ess on my dee."
by UrbanLynx March 18, 2010
15 2