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(ger.): Making one's face squish against (or hug) random objects or people; when taking a photo. Similar to the internet phenomena of planking, owling or tebowing.

Variations include adjusting one's facial expression while posing to reflect the individual's feeling toward the object or person they are Facehugging. i.e. Facehugging your favorite beer with an expression of total adoration vs. facehugging your failed biology exam with a look of total dispair.

(Verb): Facehug
(Past tense): Facehugged
I just posted a pic of Christy and Sabrina facehugging a Ferarri and it got 248 likes.
#planking #face hugging #tebowing #internet phenomenon #owling #horsemaning #photo fad #squish face #hugging #object love
by boycottanimalcircus December 19, 2011
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