A facehugger is a woman that grabs your head and pulls it into her cunt as you perform cunnilingus and analingus on her.
Stephanie is a champion facehugger, and she routinely leaves vagina tracks all over the room afterwards, as in puddles.
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by Jacques Asse April 20, 2009
Top Definition
The "facehugger" is a creature that as created by the artist H.R. Giger in the "Alien" movies. Facehuggers typically lie dormant in eggs until they sense the movement of a possible host, at which point they hatch. They attack by attaching themselves to a host's face and implanting them with an alien parasite, using a tube which is inserted into the host's mouth. This process varies in length from about 15 minutes to a few hours. After they have implanted the embryo, they detach from their host and die. The alien embryo then grows inside the host's ribcage and bursts out of them after a period of a few days, although this timeframe may vary.
All you have to know is if you see one of these things, run for the hills.
by crazyrabbits May 10, 2005
A vagina with legs.

Latches onto the face of an unwitting victim and lays eggs in said victim's throat. Victim later dies of indigestion.
The facehugger first appears in the hit sci-fi movie Alien (1979).
#xenomorph #face hugger #alien #aliens #vagina
by Ben.S May 19, 2008
Really creepy sexual partner who wants to bear/sire a child at the first opportunity, tries cleaving to someone who is not interested, and if a kid is conceived and born promptly loses interest in it. In short, a bit of a psycho. After the critter in the Alien movies.
I don't know what Alice ever say in Mark. Now she's trying to offload little Gary onto him. She must be a face-hugger.
#romance #cold #kids #sex #psycho
by Fearman May 27, 2007
A person who is always online on facebook.
Stop being such a facehugger, get offline and get a life!
#facehugger #fejshugger #face hugger #facehuger #facebook
by Oddnic September 14, 2010
A woman who has an unnatractive pussy and large labia.

When she sits on your face she covers it like the face hugger in the film alien

Google face hugger for images.
That girl last night was gorgeous but she had a scary face-hugger.
#face-hugger #pussy #labia #alien #oral sex
by xJo. November 27, 2007
A form of deep throat where the man places his thumbs inside the woman's mouth. He then wraps his fingers around the sides of her head, stretching her mouth open while inserting his cock deep into the back of her throat and ejaculating.
"Dude...I swear I must've been digging into her throat with how deep I plowed last night. Had her head in my hands, mouth wide open...then I stuck it right down her throat and blew my load."

"Kinda like the like the Face Huggers from Alien. Talk about implanting alien babies in her stomach...that's sick man."
#alien #face #hugger #oral #deepthroat #cum #facehugger
by The XRD August 04, 2009
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