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An insult you can give to one who has a face on their head. This insult works for pretty much everyone, seeing as a face is standard equipment on a head. It isnt meant to hurt anyones feelings, just something you use when you cant think of a real insult. Usually end up with follow-up insults such as noseface, or shoefoot.
1: Man you suck. You cant play madden for anything you cock jockey.
2: O yea, well... your a...uh...FACEHEAD! yeah, there.
1: Um,, what?
2: Yea thats right, you stupid facehead.
1: OK
by Barbarino March 05, 2006
A word that describes people who are awesome and fantastic in all situations. Its a noun bizzles, and a sweet one at that.
"Dude, did you see Beaky? She is such a facehead!"
"I know, brotha from anotha motha, she is a facehead and its cool. Like really really cool!
N. An insult sugesting you have a face on your head.
Woman, why you gots to be suck a face head?!
by Stealth August 14, 2003
Adj; When one receives oral sex while on Facebook.
Boy: " Dude... Staring at pictures of Tatiana on Facebook while getting a blowjob from Julie"

Boy2: "Oh,so you were getting Facehead?"

Boy: "Yeah Buddy!"
by Gingasnapp12345 December 15, 2010
southern california rhyming slang
face head -> dread
She's such a face head today.
translates: She's such a dread today.
by hellatightinsocal September 12, 2009
1A) A general reference to a person whose name you cannot come up with fast enough
1B) A way to to reference someone in an introduction

2) An insult used in a moment where you have no comeback
1A) "Damn it... I forgot his name... YO FACEHEAD! OVER HERE!"
1B) Hi Facehead, I'm Jordan

"You are such a douchebag"
"You... you... Facehead!"
"Nice one"
by Jordan Kantor January 05, 2008
A person who is addicted to social networking, including but not limited to Facebook.
Chuck never talks to people anymore unless it's through Facebook or Twitter, he is such a facehead.
by Aidan Cero July 02, 2011