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A word that describes people who are awesome and fantastic in all situations. Its a noun bizzles, and a sweet one at that.
"Dude, did you see Beaky? She is such a facehead!"
"I know, brotha from anotha motha, she is a facehead and its cool. Like really really cool!
N. An insult sugesting you have a face on your head.
Woman, why you gots to be suck a face head?!
by Stealth August 14, 2003
An insult you can give to one who has a face on their head. This insult works for pretty much everyone, seeing as a face is standard equipment on a head. It isnt meant to hurt anyones feelings, just something you use when you cant think of a real insult. Usually end up with follow-up insults such as noseface, or shoefoot.
1: Man you suck. You cant play madden for anything you cock jockey.
2: O yea, well... your a...uh...FACEHEAD! yeah, there.
1: Um,, what?
2: Yea thats right, you stupid facehead.
1: OK
by Barbarino March 05, 2006
southern california rhyming slang
face head -> dread
She's such a face head today.
translates: She's such a dread today.
by hellatightinsocal September 12, 2009
1A) A general reference to a person whose name you cannot come up with fast enough
1B) A way to to reference someone in an introduction

2) An insult used in a moment where you have no comeback
1A) "Damn it... I forgot his name... YO FACEHEAD! OVER HERE!"
1B) Hi Facehead, I'm Jordan

"You are such a douchebag"
"You... you... Facehead!"
"Nice one"
by Jordan Kantor January 05, 2008
someone who is addicted to using facebook...they spend countless hours on it, to the point of not actually having any relationships with people face to face
guy: so what did you do all day?
girl: i was updating my friends and activities on facebook
guy: you are such a face-head
by pol cidertanis May 18, 2007
Adj; When one receives oral sex while on Facebook.
Boy: " Dude... Staring at pictures of Tatiana on Facebook while getting a blowjob from Julie"

Boy2: "Oh,so you were getting Facehead?"

Boy: "Yeah Buddy!"
by Gingasnapp12345 December 15, 2010

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