To be owned, insulted, served.
"Yeah, he's a professor. OF BEING A DOG! Ooh, faced! ...scratch-moded."
by maryjane straight thuggin' June 28, 2005
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adjective describing a person who is severely intoxicated. Can be used in place of shitfaced
Man, when we walked into that chic's house last night I was totally faced
by Hotknives September 11, 2003
facedthe act of telling someone off or completely humiliating them. could also be defined as disrespecting or putting someone down. use goes very well with sarcasm. usually followed by scratch moded.
Guy 1: Ive gotten way more pussy than you have dude.
Masta J Hotness: Yeah but you fuck cats you sicko, ooh faced!
Masta J Hotness: Scratch moded.
by Jimmy T February 03, 2005
desribing oneself as having intense visual hallucinations, often during the peak of a lsd or mushroom trip. (letting loose completely to the direction the voyage is taking you)
paul: "hey man, how's your night goin?"
derek: "ohhh dude, i am totally f'n faced right now!"
paul: "yea? intense?"
derek: "yeah bro, the walls are breathing!"
by spades n heartz November 15, 2007
tripping balls on ecstasy
Johnny was so faced last night at Lollapallooza, he did so much molly
by stupidfac3d August 21, 2012
(adv.) When you get recognized by someone you don't know that has seen you on Facebook. It often creates that uncomfortable moment while you stand there trying to figure out how you know a 47 year old balding computer nerd with carpal tunnel.
If you're walking down the street and some nutbag that you have never seen in your life says, "Hey don't I know you?" ....
you have just been 'Faced'.

Not to be confused by 'Spaced' which is the act of being hit on while using the internet, by teenagers claiming to be 21.
by Dee T (3) February 09, 2009
To get drunk/messed up.
They have a keg in the back, everyone's getting totally faced.
by benrawk December 10, 2006

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