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1. Greatest thing ever.
2. Insult, used to make fun of obsessed people.

Based off the fact that Jesus walked on water.
I love him so much, he can walk on water.

I know he can walk on water, but shut up about him. No one cares.
by invisible February 02, 2004
1) Totally wasted and/or thrashed by alcohol. 2) Mentally and/or physically thrashed from no sleep or exorbitant activity.
"Damn, niggah, I'm so faced I don't know my ass from a hole in the ground."
by Invisible September 29, 2002
1. As in 'Acorn Academy' - the name of my school.

2. The name of my school which I wish to change. (I'm homeschooled, so I can sorta do that..)
Acorn Academy is a weird name for a school. I want to change it.
by invisible February 11, 2004
1) Something which is hard to accomplish, 2) something which is bad 3) too hardcore to handle
That calc II test was wally. I think I failed.
by Invisible September 29, 2002

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