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4 definitions by Invisible

1. Greatest thing ever.
2. Insult, used to make fun of obsessed people.

Based off the fact that Jesus walked on water.
I love him so much, he can walk on water.

I know he can walk on water, but shut up about him. No one cares.
by invisible February 02, 2004
24 11
1) Totally wasted and/or thrashed by alcohol. 2) Mentally and/or physically thrashed from no sleep or exorbitant activity.
"Damn, niggah, I'm so faced I don't know my ass from a hole in the ground."
by Invisible September 29, 2002
12 16
1. As in 'Acorn Academy' - the name of my school.

2. The name of my school which I wish to change. (I'm homeschooled, so I can sorta do that..)
Acorn Academy is a weird name for a school. I want to change it.
by invisible February 11, 2004
4 20
1) Something which is hard to accomplish, 2) something which is bad 3) too hardcore to handle
That calc II test was wally. I think I failed.
by Invisible September 29, 2002
3 33