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When one leaves ones facebook profile on unwittingly and 'friends'or otherwise change ones staus or comment on people page to make you look an idiot/pervert/sick freak etc
an excuse to write something and shrug it off as someone else's devious work.

e.g 1
Ryan's Status
Ryan: is gay and loves men up the bum bum yum yum...and smells

two hourslater,
Ryan: OH SH**INGMOTHER*%$*£R someones changed my status...I've been facebook raped!!

e.g 2

mate 1: why the hell did you write 'i love you' on my wall last night?
mate 2: erm... oh bother.. ive been facebook raped..
by MrPiffle March 08, 2009
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A term used referring to the social networking site Facebook where users are able to update their "statuses" and share with other users what they are doing. When a person is facebook raped, it means a friend of theirs have hacked into their facebook profile and posted a status suggesting that they are or have engaged in some sort of sexual activity.
Status: Eliza Roberts is being taken from behind by Chris...and loving it!
Eliza: "Shit, who just facebook raped me?"

Status: Dean Jones just had a foursome with three hot men and is now exhausted!
Dean: "Fucking hell!!! I didn't post that status, my friend Max facebook raped me."
by youallhaveaids August 15, 2009
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When friends and family jest with each other by using their facebook without their permission, and update their status to vulgar things, usually involving gay sex.
Facebook: "I love men...!"
Victim: "Shit, I've been facebook raped and everyone knows it, because they'll visit"
by pigandsquid July 26, 2010
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A hale of face book messages coming in all at once, usually involving weird ass facey things
Guy 1: OMG My PC lagged so badlly
Guy 2: Why??
Guy 1:I Was being Facebook raped!!!
by da dude wid da homey October 24, 2009
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To have someone go onto your facebook account and change a load of stuff, such as your display picture, your likes/dislikes, your sexual preference, your status etc
It is highly amusing for the person raping and those observing, but not particularly amusing for the person being with actual rape.
funny guy: "...I raped someone last night. I'd been thinking about doing it for ages...And I saw an opening- an I just...I just did it. I raped my cousin and it felt so frickin' good."

freaked out friend: ohmygod...OHMYGOD...You're kidding?? WHAT!?!? YOU RAPED YOUR COUSIN...Ohmygod! I have to tell someone! I have to tell the fucking police!! OHMYGOD- I'M PERVERTING THE COURSE OF JUSTICE BY NOT TELLING THE EFFING COPS!! OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!

freaked out you, whore.
by tylerbiatch August 30, 2011
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