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When many people write on the wall of a recently deceased person. Their posts usually consist of fond memories them and said person shared, their last moments with said person, describing how great said person was and what a shame it is for them to have passed on and for those who have little to say, well, they show their remorse with a <3 Its basically like a funeral service, internet style.

Mia : "Hal, i miss you so much. It's so unfair that this happened to you. I hope to see you again someday..."

Gill: "You were a good guy, I'll miss you buddy"

Chastity: "<3"
by aswizzle November 04, 2010
11 5
Finding out everything you wanted to know about someone and more after befriending them on Facebook. Spoiling all motivation to know them in more depth.
He/ she was really into me at that party a few weekends ago, we became friends on Facebook since and when I saw them again, they didn't seem that interested in me anymore. I guess our friendship got a Facebook funeral.
by GotLix August 30, 2012
1 1
When one of your friends from Facebook must delete their facebook and you pay tribute to them with posts that were done and pics of them.
Wow, I can't believe he made her delete her Facebook, Well we have to pay tribute to her with a Facebook Funeral
by LilAl October 08, 2010
6 8