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1) A name most people of Irish decent call their friends. Especially popular in Nova Scotia, around the PHK, Sydney, New Watreford and Antigonish areas.
2)A bundle of marijuana that you can smoke in a joint or in a pipe.
3)A flower before it's fully bloomed.
4) A shorter name for Bud Light beer.
1) Patrick:Hey, hows it going bud! How've ya been?
Ragan:Pretty good, eh! Just going to the hockey game with my bud, Mackenzie.
2)Carl:Hey man, wanna come to my place after school, I just got a couple bud's from Squiggles and I was gunna smoke 'em.
Fraser: Why not, eh?
3)Alice:I can't believe this! It's been three weeks and my tulips are still buds!
Cathy:Don't worry, they'll come around sooner or later.
4)Alanna: Hey Kenneth! Will you toss me a bud! I'm almost empty.
Kenneth: Sure thing babe, just give me a minute, I gotta finish taping my stick.
by aswizzle October 19, 2010
1) a black r&b singer who tries too hard to be Michael Jackson (Seriously, have you seen him! He's always wearing one white glove and a red leather jacket. Also the way he dances and the random "UHHS" and "HIHIES" in his songs) His songs are also mostly him just singing over other peoples music (Bittersweet Symphony, Hide and Seek)
2) something you say when your tired of sitting around saying nothing with friends.For the full affect, you have to say it like he does is the beginning of "In My Head" (JAY-SSSON DAA-ROU-LOWW)
1)Amy: My gawd, did you see Jason Derulo's new music video? It's him singing over Single Ladies wearing a fedora hat!
Brad: No, but I heard that in his next one, he's going to turn into a werewolf and him and an angry crowd of musically capable zombies chase his girlfriend and then stop in the middle of the street and preform a perfectly choreographed dance.
Amy: Wow really? That sounds like the kind of thing that will redefine music videos forever!

Hannah: Phil you would...
by aswizzle October 19, 2010
When many people write on the wall of a recently deceased person. Their posts usually consist of fond memories them and said person shared, their last moments with said person, describing how great said person was and what a shame it is for them to have passed on and for those who have little to say, well, they show their remorse with a <3 Its basically like a funeral service, internet style.

Mia : "Hal, i miss you so much. It's so unfair that this happened to you. I hope to see you again someday..."

Gill: "You were a good guy, I'll miss you buddy"

Chastity: "<3"
by aswizzle November 04, 2010
A town located in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Even though everyone in CB have a different accent than those who live on the mainland, but people from New Waterford take that to a whole new level. For example, they pronounce their o's and a's and their or's as er's. Also they are commonly known as the ghetto of CB. If you ever imply that everyone form that part of CB (Sydney, New Waterford, Glace Bay) are the same, they will probably cut you. Also they are the drug capital of Nova Scotia....
This one time, I was at a park in New Waterford and some guy drove up to me and offered to pay me 40 bucks to throw a soggy, lumpy burlap sack into a garbage that was literally three feet from where he was parked. WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH THAT!
by aswizzle October 22, 2010

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