bitching in a whining fashion on facebook and nobody really cares.
face bitching status update: aw....i have to go to work AGAIN!? why me?
by amanda2169 September 27, 2010
Top Definition
a person that uses status updates on facebook to bitch and complain about their problems.
"Did you see Steve's status about his car breaking down?"
"God, I Know. He's facebitching again."
by tshu4 August 06, 2009
when people get on facebook bithing and moaning about something or someone knowing full well that their post will either start a fight or new round of DRAMA.
Dude did you see Niki's post on facebook tearing in to Rachel?
Yeah, I'm tired of her facebitching.
by jricky1020 May 12, 2011
complaining about something that happened to you using your status on facebook. Usually something stupid or irrelevant and no body gives a fuck, hence the "bitching" part.
Facebook status: fucckkkk. I hate it when my teacher goes 5 minutes over time! :@

Comment #1: who cares, stop facebitching about shit like this.

Comment #2: quit being a facebitch and suck it up.
by copier19 October 27, 2010
The act of always whining or complaining on social media sights. Never posting anything positive or happy, The tendency to whine to whoever you have friended wether they wnat to here it or not.
Did you read Johnny's latest post on Facebook?

No, I dont have to.


He is always face bitching about someone or something.

Yeah your right he is a face bitcher for sure.
by Surveying fool April 28, 2013
When someone posts something that reads as if it should go to someone specific, but in fact is posted as someone's status
"Lauren God he is such an asshole"

Lauren's friends "God Lauren is facebitching again, wonder who she's talking about."


Rod-"Rod Bighorn says forget you"

Rod's GF "OMG did I do something wrong??"
Rod's BFF "OMG is he mad at me??? I can't tell since he's facebitching"
by CHF924 April 29, 2009

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