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1 - an insult used against an unattractive person.
2 - The feeling of having a pain in your face.
1 - "Oi! Face ache! Get your arse over here!"
2 - "Ow! He hit me really hard and now I have face ache!"
by Corinne Simpson October 15, 2006
68 36
A name to call someone who is often scowling, and so it results in their face aching.
God Joss, your such a faceache!
by twist101 May 01, 2009
9 0
A person with face ache is someone feeling down or someone that is looking miserable for no relevant reason.
Example 1: oi face ache, straighten it.

Example 2: Whats given you face ache?
by sexy shoes girl April 15, 2009
24 15
The term used to describe the pain in the facial muscles felt after prolonged fake smiling.

Also used to describe a less than attractive person.
Oww, I got bad faceache after that dinner with the out-laws.

Poor Fern, nice enough but what a faceache.
by Greg & Sez April 27, 2007
12 6
an annoying, intrusive or or obstinate person
Christ Almighty wonder. You is a face-ache, ain't you? Roamin' the ship, poking your nose into everyone's business.
by Brillemeister October 22, 2012
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People who don't like Facebook......
she is always on faceache!

faceache is crap
by beaniebeee February 07, 2010
4 4
A slang term for the social networking site 'Facebook
"Can you post these photos on Faceache?"
by Funky Frances March 04, 2010
4 5