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1 - an insult used against an unattractive person.
2 - The feeling of having a pain in your face.
1 - "Oi! Face ache! Get your arse over here!"
2 - "Ow! He hit me really hard and now I have face ache!"
by Corinne Simpson October 15, 2006
A person with face ache is someone feeling down or someone that is looking miserable for no relevant reason.
Example 1: oi face ache, straighten it.

Example 2: Whats given you face ache?
by sexy shoes girl April 15, 2009
A name to call someone who is often scowling, and so it results in their face aching.
God Joss, your such a faceache!
by twist101 May 01, 2009
The term used to describe the pain in the facial muscles felt after prolonged fake smiling.

Also used to describe a less than attractive person.
Oww, I got bad faceache after that dinner with the out-laws.

Poor Fern, nice enough but what a faceache.
by Greg & Sez April 27, 2007
An alternative name for Facebook based on the impression that after not seeing a a friend, family member or workmate for 10 years and then discovering that they are on Facebook that their looks have deteriorated
Have you seen the pictures of Suzie on Face-ache? She used to be fit but now looks like a crack whore, what happened?
by wacked1212 June 07, 2014
an annoying, intrusive or or obstinate person
Christ Almighty wonder. You is a face-ache, ain't you? Roamin' the ship, poking your nose into everyone's business.
by Brillemeister October 22, 2012
A slang term for the social networking site 'Facebook
"Can you post these photos on Faceache?"
by Funky Frances March 04, 2010